Password Authentication Issue

Note: This is on a Vikunja instance hosted on my personal Windows laptop.

Details: I am unable to login to my Vikunja account, despite entering the correct password (yes, I even checked the hash)


Password: testuser
Bcrypt Hash: $2a$11$arK6hmi/pxstDPHP6AC6Ke5iD08OmkrDNvNYpY4iP73.jZutrJOne (can be verified here: Online tool to generate and check bcrypt hashed passwords.)

SQLite Query:

sqlite> SELECT * FROM users;
1||monish|$2a$11$arK6hmi/pxstDPHP6AC6Ke5iD08OmkrDNvNYpY4iP73.jZutrJOne||1|<password_reset_hash>||initials|0|local||0|0|0|0|2021-08-27 05:46:47|2021-08-28 16:57:49

Vikunja Logs:

2021-08-28T22:27:22.2620544+05:30: WEB  ▶ ::1  POST 412 /api/v1/login 1.7782968s - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) vikunja-desktop/0.16.0-dev Chrome/89.0.4389.128 Electron/12.0.9 Safari/537.36

Other Technical Details:

OS: Windows 10
Vikunja versions: 0.17.0 (both desktop app, and backend; the user agent should be changed if I am not wrong, it shouldn’t be 0.16.0-dev)

P.S. I can also help document the Windows setup, if that is needed!

Could you enable debug and db logging and send the relevant output?

How do you enable the debug mode?

Since I am using SQLite3 (which does not have a debug mode), I don’t think I would be able to send the db logs.

Logging is done entirely through Vikunja itself. Check out the docs here.
In your case, that would be setting log.level to debug, log.database to stdout or file (depends on where you want to keep your logs) and log.databaselevel to debug. log.<something> in this case means <something> is nested under the log key - see the sample config.

Sorry for this, but I am unable to replicate this issue after deleting the DB later during the day (nothing important was stored, fortunately) and restarting the app. It seems like an one off bug, I’ll keep debug logs enabled to try and spot it if it occurs again. Thanks again for helping out with this patiently!

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