Not creating groups with OpenID

Hi folks

I have a Vikunja instance (0.23.0) running in docker, with a separate mysql image for the database and all appears to be running correctly.

I have configured OpenID with Keycloak as the IDM, and I am able to authenticate with Keycloak and have a new account created in Vikunja.

However when attempting to assign users to teams nothing appears to be happening in Vikunja. The account logs in, but no teams appear to be created.

I’ve done a packet capture, and can see the request from Vikunja to the IDM requesting the ID token, and I can see that the “vikunjas_groups” claim is being presented as per the documentation. But still teams do not appear to be created. It’s baffliing me.


    enabled: true
    redirecturl: https://boards.private/auth/openid/
      - name: keycloak
        authurl: https://id.private/realms/NrrdLabs
        logouturl: https://id.private/realms/NrrdLabs/protocol/openid-connect/logout
        clientid: vikunja-boards
        clientsecret: SHUSH
        scope: openid profile email vikunja_scope
    enabled: false

id_token (from packet capture)

  "exp": 1712778395,
  "iat": 1712778095,
  "auth_time": 1712778095,
  "jti": "9e8b409a-c094-4251-9b47-f9ac1b2dbda4",
  "iss": "https://id.private/realms/NrrdLabs",
  "aud": "vikunja-boards",
  "sub": "7a81ec12-27bf-475a-ae76-c0fae6231c74",
  "typ": "ID",
  "azp": "vikunja-boards",
  "session_state": "d43d1cd5-54d1-4b2a-a8f6-a92b8a89ec99",
  "at_hash": "SB-jpD4v299Hu2m6YeQPCg",
  "acr": "1",
  "sid": "d43d1cd5-54d1-4b2a-a8f6-a92b8a89ec99",
  "email_verified": true,
  "name": "DJ Nrrd",
  "vikunja_groups": [
      "oidcID": "d9f686f4-8731-4238-9adb-856272947256",
      "name": "Bot Wranglers",
      "isPublic": true
      "oidcID": "14f79004-b969-4572-bf83-581fbda630de",
      "name": "Content Editors",
      "isPublic": true
  "preferred_username": "djnrrd",
  "given_name": "DJ",
  "family_name": "Nrrd",
  "email": "djnrrd@email"

The automatic team creation has not yet been released in a version. To use it, you need to wait for the next release or use an unstable build.
I’ve clarified this in the docs now.

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