No label list dropdown

Hi. I’m using the last Vikunja Desktop 0.17 version and have no label list dropdown when double-clicking in “Labels” filter textbox. But this feature works ok on cloud. Why?

Also there is no way to list all labels in task “Add Labels”, Labels textbox? No all label list dropdown for this textbox on cloud too.

Also perhaps there is no such feature now, but it would be very convenient if you could filter tasks by label name listed at the top of the Kanban, as for example does.

What do you mean by “no label list dropdown”? Don’t you see any labels or is the field missing entierly? Could you send a screenshot?

In 0.17.0 you’ll need to search for a label, it does not show all by default. This is changed in the latest version (which is the one running on try).

You can filter tasks on kanban by label - check out the labels option at the bottom of the filters on the kanban board.

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