New task should expand description field

When I create a new task, then the task-edit GUI immediately gives me the opportunity to fill in the title. But I need to explicitly click on the “edit” button to give the task a description. Why is that? Did you consider to change this and render the edit-description-form immediately?

The input is designed to quickly add tasks, with the quick add magic it’s possible to add task attributes as well. It wouldn’t really work to add a description from that input, hence it’s not implemented. We plan to add some kind of task wizard though which should make this easier.

I’d also prefer the description to be editable immediately when opening a task that doesn’t have a description.

I often enter a description, save it and realise I’ve actually made a comment instead of adding a description (and lost formatting).

It’s a small thing but I’d prefer the default was comments collapsed and description open if there isn’t already a description. I think adding comments makes more sense in the context of opening a different user’s tasks, when you open your own tasks it’s more likely you’d add a description before any comments. (“Edit.” also implies there is already a description)

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I totally have the same experience.
Thanks for your clear explanation, @forest !

I agree with all of the input here and already had planned to to this. It will probably come together with the new Editor.

A quickfix with massive user improvement could be to make the text to one large „edit“ button. Wording should be adapted for empty description.

As long as there‘s no focus in the textarea I also don’t see why the actual editor UI should be shown. The latter obviously also applies to the comment editor, where there should be one large button (looking like an empty comment, common pattern at blogs) that on click /focus shows the actual editor.

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