Manually installing Vikunja on Ubuntu 22.04

I am a little confused with the install for Vikunja. At the start of the docs it says to download and run the deb binary for both api and frontend but after running the binary and making sure the service is running all I get at http://IP:3456 is a blank page with the text “{“message”:“Not Found”}”. Ideally I would like to have vikunja use my external mariadb server and the vikunja site sitting behind a reverse proxy. I couldnt find a step by step direction on prereqs or install of vikunja for ubuntu also. If you can point me in the general direction I might be able to figure the rest out myself though a actual guide would be ideal. Thank you!!

Edit: Clarification I am trying to use the 22.1 deb package. I am giving it another go with the unstable package right now.

Edit2: Using the unstable deb package fixed it.

Glad you figured it out! The next release should work as well.

Where did you read this in the docs?

It was nowhere in the docs. I did a good old search the forums xD <3