List Description not visible

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m completely overlooking something here but it seems as though the description for the list is not viewable anywhere other than the edit screen for the list. I would have have thought the description should be displayed under the title when viewing the list. Am I missing something? I’ve tried looking for display options but cannot find any.

There’s actually no place where the list description is displayed other than settings. You did nothing wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

The problem is it could theoretically grow very big and thus overflow. That could be solved with a max-length and expanding it on click or something like that. I’ll put this in the backlog and think about a solution.

Or possibly show a truncated version if its too long with a ‘view more’ link?

For example, I have a checklist called ‘Holiday’ and within the description I’ve stuck some vital info regarding the holiday itself such as booking reference, flight times, etc. It would be nice to bring this up without editing the list. I guess a solution for me on this occasion could be to just stick a dummy task in the list called ‘important info’.

Yeah, that’s what I also though. Or maybe a popup to show the complete description.

PRs welcome :upside_down_face: