Help, help, help! Nginx Proxy Manager

I’m desperately trying to get Vikunja with nginx proxy manager (both npm and Vikunja on docker)–it just won’t work. :frowning:

I’ve looked at similar threads:

I get the same “Network Error” redbox at login.

The only solutions I’ve seen state putting npm and vikunja on the same docker network. However, this is not a normal configuration. Most people and organizations will have separate proxy and backend servers.

I’ve tried:

  • putting https (and not) in front of the api url (e.g., VIKUNJA_API_URL:)
  • commenting out the api url from docker-compose (not that I expected this to work :))
  • entering the ~* ^/(api|dav|\.well-known)/ custom location.

I can’t use Vikunja unless I can expose it (via npm) to the internet and have it on SSL. I would be surprised by anyone who was willing to do so!


Help, help, help!

Everything will be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Vikunja and npm must have some way to talk to each other. How else should they be able to talk to each other? You might not need to put it on the same network but if you have everything in docker this is the easiest way to do this. The other option would be to make holes (= open ports) in the closed down docker networks to let Vikunja and npm talk to each other.

I would argue the proxy setup for Vikunja is pretty standard. Even with multiple servers you can set it up in a way so that Vikunja will only be available through the proxy and not accessible directly.

I’m a bit confused. Isn’t this the goal with npm?

How are you hosting other apps with npm?

Such a kind response. Thank you. My “helps” were reflective of how much time and head-banging going on trying to resolve this. :slight_smile:

Vikunja and NPM are on the same physical machine, with different VMs with each container having external, open ports visible to each other. I’m running 17 other stacks in the same manner without a problem (which is why I’m so confused).

I know npm extremely well, but not big NGINX. That said, I did just find a solution that worked: Self-Hosted To-Do List with Vikunja in Docker - YouTube This docker-compose includes a container for NGINX which works behind NPM as one would expect.

Thanks again,

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Glad you got it working!

There’s also the reverse proxy examples in the docs: Reverse Proxy | Vikunja and Full docker example | Vikunja. Maybe they help as well.

NGINX seems to be my kryptonite.

Thank you for the responsive replies. It’s very much appreciated.

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