Disable front api vikunja-url change


is there a way to disable to change vikunja-url on login page?

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Currently that’s not possible.

Why do you want to disable it?

Thank you for your fast reply.

I don’t want my users to be able access other instances just the only one that I set it to.

Hello, Thanks for Vikunja it’s awesome!

I search also this feature, maybe I can develop it. I prefer a minimal UI, if a feature is not used I prefer hide it :wink: My instance is configured with Authelia so it’s not possible to login with another frontend. My user don’t have multi- Vikunja.

Maybe with a environment variable like VIKUNJA_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL?

I would also like a way to disable this “change URL” functionality and hide the checkbox. None of our users would ever need this. It simply adds confusion and, quite possibly, temptation. Just looks unprofessional or, at least, something you’d only see in a POC or dev app.

Previously this was required since the frontend and api were different packages. Since both are now bundled into one, we might remove the setting. It will still be required for desktop builds.