Hacking on Vikunja without forking it


Vikunja truly embraces the open-source spirit by providing extensible interfaces to various functionalities. While this gives superpowers, I have a confusion on how to keep hacking Vikunja while having a streamlined deployment process.

I believe, to implement the provided interfaces, I have to create my fork of Vikunja → and if I deploy via Docker, that means I’ll have to take up the task of building and publishing my custom Docker images.

If so, how is this scalable, how does my fork seamlessly keep up with the latest releases of Vikunja?

Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

I think you’re correct.

What interfaces are you referring to?

So I was talking about the Notifications interface (say), lets say I have to build a new Notification type (through ntfy.sh), what is the most recommended way to do so without having to build and publish Docker images myself?

You will need to build and publish docker images yourself (at least if you want to use docker to deploy it). There’s no way around it, or at least none that I can think of right now. You could base your changes on a release, that way you’d only need to integrate upstream changes when a new version gets released.

Any reason not to send a PR to the official repo for your changes?

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Thanks, I’m working on it :relaxed: