Feature request: Use image attachments as cover image on kanban-cards (like Trello)

It would be awesome if it could be possible to set an image attachment as a cover image on a kanban-card.

Like so (from Trello):


UX-wise, what do you think would be a good way to set the background, with another task action (like all the others) or with uploading an attachment and then having a checkbox on that attachment to set it as cover image?

I have not put much thought into it, but for me, the Trello way works fine.

Basically a toggle button/link on the attachment. You also have a “Cover” dedicated button, that gives more options i.e color of a gradient, text color.

The cover photo is also at the top of the card when it’s open – and the background color is sampled from the image.

For me, the simplest implementation with a toggle on the attachment works fine.

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