Error with davx⁵ synchronization

I’ve been using vikunja self-hosted through yunohost since a couple of weeks and I had a synchronization problem with davx⁵ on my phone, which I’ve been using for years with nextcloud.

I opened a discussion on davx⁵ and it appears the issue could be on vikunja side. It seems that it’s not possible in rfc5545 to have both DUE and DURATION on VTODO.

Is it something that will be changed in the future to be compatible with rfc5545 and other phone/desktop applications that follow this specification? Will it stay as it is now, and we have to manually take care of not creating task with both on vikunja side?

Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

Vikunja should be compliant with the spec. I’ve just pushed a fix to make it behave that way in aaeffe925e.

Can you check with the next unstable build in ~30 min if it works properly? You can use try for that as well.

Seems to be working, thank you for your quick reaction :smile: