Deployment to my kubernetes cluster..i get this error

I get this error and my api pod is crashlooping…

Is your database up and running? Did you configure the credentials for it?

Are you using the official helm chart?

my database is running…
i used This chart…

helm pull oci:// --version 0.4.1

I pulled the chart and used the below command to get the templates and deployed the template using
kubectl create/apply
helm template my-vikunja ./vikunja-0.4.1.tgz > vikunja.yaml
The other helmchart had 3 containers running in 1 pod.
I wanted this one that had separate containers but when i deploy it im having crashloop.

How did you configure it?

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: my-vikunja-api-config
labels: my-vikunja Helm api 0.21.0 vikunja-0.4.1
config.yml: |
# Vikunja needs to know the frontend URL for password reset emails.
# So you might need to provide its value, if you’re not using an ingress.
# service:
# frontendUrl:

  # Typesense will only work if it is enabled below (typesense.enabled).
  url: "my-vikunja-typesense:8108"
  apiKey: "typesense"
  # .
  host: my-vikunja-postgresql
  port: 5432
  db: vikunja
  password: xxx
  user: vikunja

Did you check the logs of the database to see if it started properly?