Vikunja on kubernetes

I installed vikunja on my microk8s, but from version 0.20.3 (API container, and with 0.20.4 too) I have a problem:

info: creating the new user vikunja with 1000:1000

usermod: no changes

chown: ./config.yml: Read-only file system

this is because I have the config.yml in a configmap.

I can use an init container to copy the config file to a RW filesystem, however if the file is edited by vikunja, this may cause an issue.
Do you have any thoughts about how to resolve this?

Where are you mounting the config file? It should work if you put it in /etc/vikunja/config.yml.

We also have a helm chart now, feel free to take that for a spin: vikunja/helm-chart - helm-chart - Gitea

On another note, the docker container should not try to chown the config file.

Ok thank you!
I was mounting the configuration in /app/vikunja/config.yml
I will use the helm chart in the future.
Thank you so much for your prompt response (and for vikunja!).

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