Correct way to update Vikunja Debian package?

Would the following be the correct way to upgrade Vikunja Debian packages?

Backup the following


Download the latest .deb package:
wget<version>/vikunja-<version>.deb # replace <version> with current version

Stop Vikunja service:
sudo systemctl stop vikunja

Install the new package:
sudo dpkg -i vikunja-<version>.deb

Start Vikunja service:
sudo systemctl start vikunja

Is there anything else i need to do?

Sounds about right. Does it work?

During the update i kept my config

It updated however it is now broken, i get Error internal error and it will not load the data from the database. Tried going back to 23 and still have the same internal server error, so i am back on 24, how can i fix it?

https://mysite:3457/api/v1/tasks/all?sort_by[]=due_date&sort_by[]=id&order_by[]=asc&order_by[]=desc&filter=done+%3D+false&filter_include_nulls=false&s=&filter_timezone=%3Ctime+zone+set+at+service.timezone%3E&page=1 500 (Internal Server Error)

The resource <URL> was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event. Please make sure it has an appropriate `as` value and it is preloaded intentionally.

Update: 1
Was able to restore from backups, it seems the migration from 23 to 24 does something to the .db which does not allow it to run again.

Can you test this?

The error message you shared looks like an unrelated warning from the browser console. What do you see in Vikunja’s logs on the server?

I did not see anything that stands out in the logs, however the best thing i would suggest is in a vm

  1. install vikunja debian package
  2. create 2 users
  3. create a team with both users
  4. create a new project and share it to the team
  5. create some tasks
  6. shut down vikunja and update as i did above
    Then relog in and see if you can get to tasks.

What exactly does not work in your case?

I got Error internal error and it will not load the data from the database such as tasks though i was able to log in.

Could be the same issue here Version 0.24.0 - Internal Server Error (Breaking change) - #6 by jonasled