Colours and hierarchy in titles

Perhaps it’s my inability to name things creatively, but I have a “General” list in more than one namespace. It would be cool if the assigned coloured dot for the list appeared at the top of the screen alongside the title. Perhaps also even the namespace (or parent project) should appear before the name of the list so that some context of where the list sits in its hierarchy can be seen.

i.e., We see namespaces and lists along with their assigned colours in the left-hand column:


But on the top of the page where the title is shown, we see only the title:


Personally, I’d like to see House Stuff / General or something similar for the title of the list.

I like the idea, but what about long project names or a deep hierarchy? I feel like that would get pretty crowded pretty fast, as is already the case on mobile.

Yeah, I can see how the lack of real estate on mobile would preclude showing the whole hierarchy. But the colour or an icon or something would go a long way to knowing what list you’re looking at.