Change beginning of the week


i would like to change the beginning of the week to monday. it would be great to improve the overview of the calendar view for me.

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You mean in the datepickers?

Looks like Flatpickr (the library we’re using for the datepickers) is capable of that: Monday as first day of the week · Issue #2327 · flatpickr/flatpickr · GitHub
I think setting the first day of the week should be a setting. I’ve created an item in the backlog for that.

Yes the Datepicker :slight_smile:
In my country we are taking monday as the beginning of the week, so all my other calanders look diffrent.

Thanks for adding it in your backlog :smiley:

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I’ve just added that feature (api and frontend). The CI is running, a new unstable release with it should be ready in ~30min. Please note you have to update both the frontend and the api to use this.

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Thanks for implementing it. :slight_smile:

Is it safe to use the unstable release? I can be patient to wait for the next stable release.

I’d say yes (My instance runs on unstable). But as always, there may be bugs in it.

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