Can't change task relationship once you select the task

When marking tasks as related, the UI finishes marking the task as related as soon as the task is selected, preventing users from setting the relationship.

While it is understandable why this would happen, the flow of the UI suggests you should select the task, THEN set the relationship, not the other way around.

We’ve had it like that before - people complained adding relations took too many steps so we changed it to the current behavior. Not sure how to make this work for everyone.

What about swapping the order they appear in? if relationship appears above Task selection, then selecting the task last will be a more natural workflow.

That sounds like a good idea.

That would be nice. Inside a task I change the relation. With another new tasks relation the last type is predefined.
If I close and reopen the task the relation type is reset to default value and not last selected relation.
In my use case I always want subtask as type. Maybe an environment variable or user setting would be great.

It would probably be the easiest to just preselect the last chosen type

Tracking now in issue #3302 - Improve adding / editing task relation - frontend - Gitea