Cannot filter on projets labels

Hi, I’ve read/write permission on a project that have subprojects but I cannot filter on labels which are set on project (and where not created by me). Also it seems the filtering suggest labels that are not available on project I’m filtering on.

Maybe label filtering on a project should suggest all labels that are present on project tasks whoever created them ?


Which database are you using? Are the labels set on tasks of sub projects or the ones shared directly with you?

Sorry for delay, I’m using postgresql and labels are set on project shared with me through teams sharing.

Which Vikunja version are you using?

I’m using vikunja API 0.21.0 (upgraded from 0.20 a month ago) with frontend 0.21.0

I found a workaround.

I think the bug occur when using subproject.

I have a project “Parent” with a subproject “Child”, I’ve RW access to “Parent” (trough teams sharing) that why I can see “Child” tasks. But I cannot filter on labels set on “Child” project task when labels has not been created by me.

Sharing RW “Child” subproject with my team is a workaround and filtering is working again.

Sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look.

Should be fixed now in 8a3f16fcfb. Please check with the next unstable build (for example on try) if the problem went away.