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I’m use this app with the latest version (0.21.0), with the desktop and web app.

Report a very small issue with the frontend web version.

Left Web version, Right the desktop app.

To give more information, I’m with the latest firefox version (117), and Windows 10.
I can give more information to help if needed.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

I was not able to reproduce it with the latest unstable build, both in Firefox and the desktop app work fine for me. Can you reproduce this on try?

Hello @kolaente
Test with the demo and always present.

Tested with my desktop and laptop (Microsoft surface).
To push more this investigation, i test the latest nightly (118.0b5) and… this error is already here.
Latest check, started firefox with all extension disable (in French, Mode sans échec). Isn’t solved.

I don’t know how to reproduce this error : / .

Does the Surface have a touchscreen?

Yes, but not my desktop device.

And it happens only on the Surface, not on the desktop device?

I’ve pushed a potential fix in b126a7f7ff, should be ready for testing in the next unstable build (will probably take a while, there are issues with our build process right now causing builds to be delayed)