Auto-Reset for a checkbox list in a recurring task

I’m playing around with recurring tasks that have a checkbox list in the description. When the whole task goes into the next iteration, as of now the checkbox list stays as it is. It may be helpful to automatically clear / reset the checkboxes.

To give an example: Let’s say the task is “Weekly cleaning” with the checkbox items / subtasks of

  • [ ] Clean the kitchen
  • [ ] Clean the living room
  • [ ] Clean the bathroom

After I’ve done all three subtasks, all three checkboxes are checked. When I mark the whole task as done so it gets set to one week later, the checkboxes stay checked. In this use case, it may be helpful to automatically uncheck them, so the checkbox list can worked through next week again.

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I think this could be a good idea. I don’t think it will be implemented anytime soon but I’d merge a PR with it.