Attachments Management

hey :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a possibility to display all uploaded attachments with references or a browser for already uploaded documents?

Currently not. You could query this through the database if you need a list for some purpose, but that wouldn’t be really useful I think.

Hi, what happens to files attached to a task that is marked as done? will the data just pile up?

Yes, they wont be deleted or anything.

is it possible to implement Time-Limit to how long they are stored?

Would be possible, but it’s not an easy thing to do I’d say. Ideally you could configure it separately for each task/list.

Could be a good case for a plugin though (once we have plugins - I feel like I’m saying that too often).


i have this found on github … don’t have that much time to test but maybe it will help ?

Maybe can solve it by entering the time in the file name and saving it in the database when it should be deleted.e.g.


or something like that.

That could be used to browse the files but it probably won’t be that useful or user friendly. For each file there is an entry in the db with the metadata, the file itself is then saved with the id of that db entry. This avoids accessing the files (which may be slow) whenever meta data of attachments are shown. Only by looking at the files itself, you won’t know anything useful about them. Also this would bypass all list rights entirely.

but could we add additional information in to the metadata?

What additional information?