Include 'files' into database


I noticed that avatars and attachments go to files directory as the config.yml states. However this results a bit uncomfortable since all data reside in the database.

Is a good idea put the attachments into the database or at least have a config option to do that? A lot of applications, usually, operate in that way.


As far as I know it’s not really a thing to put binary blobs of files in the db. It is certainly possible but I don’t know any advantages of it once you start to add bigger files to it.

What other applications do you know which do this?

request tracker (rt) - bugzilla - crm like sugarcrm/suitecrm - smf forum - and so on

If for example I would like to run Vikunja over a galera cluster, I need to find a way to replicate/propagate files.

Anyway, for what I’ve seen until now, usually, applications put everything into a db, so that means that a database dump has everything instead of collect all pieces.

That’s nice when you have a few files but once you have multiple GB (or even TB) of data the backups will balloon in size.

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