Adding mind map view

I think adding a mind map view preferably linked to tasks would be a great feature.
Lots of people tend to do better when they visualize the hole big picture of their work.

I would recommend integrating some of the already available libraries like GoJS (

Sounds like a good idea. Do you think it should show the existing relations between tasks?

GoJS looks promising!

Yeah, of course. It should match the exact structure and relationships between tasks and their parent nodes all the way up to the root node.

Actually, on another “feature suggestion”, I suggested to add nested levels of lists to better organize tasks in hierarchy . That way, and by adding also mind map view, user will get the a way better ability to build complex project structures and visualize them as a mind map in the same time.

Same with the nested namespaces: This is a rather complex thing, but one that could do without an api change. I can’t say anything about when this would be added, I’ve added it to the roadmap with a low priority.

That’s great. Can’t wait to see it in action. Good luck!