Add option to remove confimation when deleting task


  1. Is it possible to have an option in settings to remove confirmation when you delete a task.
  2. Maybe it can be a good idea to put note in a bin during x days or archive container instead of delete it.
  3. Can we have a shotcut to delete a task in kanban view like we have id to check a task (ctrl + click).

Thanks in advance,

I’m unsure about this. If we go that route, we’ll need a recycle bin which adds quite a bit of complexity.

I saw than you than can put a project in archive so I wonderring why not a task ?
But even if you don’t add a bin or archive for task, I this it shoud be a good idea to give the chose of the user (in settings) to remove the confirmation for delete a task, obviously s no enable by default to give the time to the user to be familiar to vikunja befaore activate this option.

I think if we have a bin, a pattern like this could be the default:

Yes have this on the kanban card can be a good idea. By the way the duplicate option could be really good too. In some case you want duplicate a task and not do a repetition.

As far as I know users are not allowed to remove confirmation when they delete any task.