Access LAN on debian homeserver?

Hi, sorry for the newbie question.

I’ve installed the .deb file on my (headless) debian 12 homeserver.
And installed the linux frontend on my PC (via flatpack).

Though when I put in the LAN url: http://192…:3456 I see the error message: 'Can not find or use Vikjunka installation at…"

Do I need to alter any conf files to make accessible? Else, what do I need to check?


UPDATE: I realized to check if Vikunja had started on my homeserver, and I ran the command: sudo vikanja which made it accessible.
However, when I try to create the first user, it indicates: “Internal Server Error”

You need to be able to access the api from your pc where you have the frontend running. You can check this by accessing <homeserver ip>/api/v1/info in a browser.

What do the logs say?

Hi, strangely, it’s started to work.
Though I’d like to check the logs. I’m sure you’ve been asked this dumb question, but how to access the logs? I tried looking in /var/log but can’t see anything that looks Vikunja related.


Logs are sent to stdout by default if you don’t configure them elsewhere: Config options | Vikunja