#vikunja on Freenode and how to contribute


I’m having trouble with connecting to matrix for whatever reason. Could we bring the chat to Freenode as well? Maybe bridge it with Matrix?

I wanted to contribute to the project. At the moment I’m going through the process of installation. We’ll be using it for our small team of developers.

I wanted to first help with even small bugs in the documentation like links not working properly on the main page. But I’m not sure if it haven’t been fixed already. Seems like the docs might not be up to date with the repo.

I could definitely help with automating builds.

Let’s talk on Freenode (or Matrix if I somehow get it to work).


I’ve added the freenode bridge, which seems to work.

I’m on manjaro Linux and use the client ‘Riot’ to access Vikunja matrix.

(I’m also old enough to prefer IRC instead of all these modern dev chat services.)

I’ve added links to matrix and freenode to the contact page.