Vikunja from time to time not accessible


I’m using the current version of Unstable and it happens every day that I can’t access my instance with an http 504 error:

Frontend Version: 0.18.1+1892-ec063f2489
API Version: v0.18.1+259-951d74b272

Sometimes a restart of the stack helps, but often I get the following message:

Another restart then leads me to the login and everything works again.

What can be the cause here?

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This sounds more like a problem with your proxy setup tbh. Anything in the logs?

Are you updating automatically?

I use traefik2 as my reverse proxy based on your example: Full docker example | Vikunja

All my other services work normal so therefore i assume that the update of my dyndns is not a problem.

Which log should i look for?

I would start with the Vikunja logs, do requests go through? Does Vikunja even run?
Then maybe traefiks logs?

Ok, currently its running. I assume that it will broke during the day, then i gather the logs.