Trouble building with mage


First of all I’m one of the other people who signed up for the gitea because I’m hoping to make a PR.

But I’m here to ask for help with the development setup on a windows machine

I’ve pulled the 0.23.0 repo containing the 0.22.1 frontend.

Since I only want top play with the front end I tried setting the api url to my local prod instance. This does let me log in but then some elements won’t load

Then if i try mage build to build the main repo, I get

Error getting go files: error running command: find: paths must precede expression: main.go' find: possible unquoted pattern after predicate -name’?
, exit status 1

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

If you’d like to know my goal here - it’s just to add ‘embed’ view option to link shares so that we get just the list of items rather than a whole page layout.

Welcome! I’ve just enabled your Gitea account.

How did you pull it? You should check out the main branch with everything, frontend and api.

You can also point the frontend to to use the demo api.

How are you building the api?