Sub Project improvement views

Hello :slight_smile:

there are some features that could be added to improve project view and be useful:

List of sub-projects (an example in screenshot, but there may be better graphical solutions)
Ability to view tasks from sub-projects from parents (with the option to choose the level)
Display the parents of the current project (like breadcrumbs)

I think they are aesthetic suggestions capable of improving usability and effectiveness.

the screenshots are just to explain, not to suggest how to implement them :slight_smile:

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I agree with that.

A simple filter would be a great thing for my use

include tasks from subprojects
Include Tasks which donโ€™t have a value set
Require all filters to be true for a task to show up

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I have the same โ€œissueโ€, that in my workaround I categories task in subproject for main projects. This option to include the subprojects would be nice.

Added an item to the backlog to include tasks from sub projects in the filter.