Service.maxitemsperpage seems to max out at 100

Just for fun I set it to 1000, but I only got 100. Is there some upper limit sanity check in Vikunja’s innards that would prevent getting more than 100 results?

This was for a test board which was full of garbage, so on this occasion it didn’t matter. I’m just curious for next time.

Thank you very much!

There’s no upper limit to the value you can set. I was not able to reproduce what you’re describing. Are you able to reproduce it on try.

I added 133 tasks on try with the title “Testing a bunch of tasks”. I’m getting 46 back in Postman when I hit

Am I doing something wrong?


Also, sorry I filled the demo board with so much nonsense. I should have made a new board.

Try has service.maxitemsperpage set to 50. I only ever get 50 tasks back:

$ curl '' -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" | jq '.[].title' | wc -l

You can only set the per_page query parameter to less than the maximum set in the config.