New "end" state, rather than always "Done"?

Not all tasks get completed when they reach the end of their lives, some are abandoned. The “Done” state comes with some implication that the task has been completed, so I think it’s warranted to have another final state for tasks that are not “Done”. I don’t want to delete these tasks because I want a record of them not having been completed, but I also don’t want to see them with a green checkmark and think that they were completed.

Could we get an “Abandoned” state or something similar? Something that could also be filtered out as a non-active task, but also not “Done”.

As I was writing this post, some other considerations came to mind:

  • This might also imply the ability to have an “Abandoned” bucket, similar to the “Done” bucket.
  • Maybe this is a niche subset of task archiving?

My first thought reading this was “this sounds like archiving”, so what would you say makes this different from archiving individual tasks?

Maybe nothing. I had the same thought, but only after I had typed out the post. Archiving would totally satisfy this need.