Multiple errors during task edit

While editing freshly created task, with every change I’ve receive error

invalid assignment to const 'e'


It’s not major issue, but it gets quite annoying

This has been fixed, please update to 0.20.2

If it’s still not gone with the newest version (also check in a private tab after upgrading) please check if you can reproduce it on try.

Ah, seems like latest on Docker Hub is set to 0.20.1 [fresh setup of Vikunja from 1h ago]

/app/vikunja # ./vikunja version
Vikunja api version v0.20.1
Built with go1.19.3

And from what I can see, 0.20.2 is not tagged on Gitea releases

That’s the api. The bug you’re hitting only affects the frontend. The frontend release is properly tagged: Releases - frontend - Gitea

I see, missed that!
After frontend update to explicit 0.20.2 works like a charm, thanks a lot!
Maybe it’d be best to update latest on dockerhub also too 0.20.2?

That should happen automatically, not sure why it did not tag. I’ll take a look.