Moving a task to a collapsed bucket

currently a collapsed bucket needs to be uncollapsed to move any tasks to it

My example usage:
I add my ideas to an “Ideas” board and use a collapsed “Bad” bucket to hide distractions, but I have to open the bucket to move tasks in, seeing distractions

Expected behaviour:
Tasks dragged to a closed bucket should trigger the dotted line around the bucket, releasing a task moves it to the bottom of the collapsed bucket

Moving a bucket to a different list

Currently, only individual tasks can be moved to another list.

My example usage:
When a project in my “Ideas” board develops, I want to move the bucket to its own list to work on it.
Also, after importing 1000s of tasks from Trello, I have no way to move these buckets to my “Ideas” board.

Expected behaviour:
Clicking the 3 dots on a bucket should give the options: “Move” → “Type to search for a list” (the same as the “Move” option for an individual task). Dragging the bucket to a different list would be good too.

(Out of scope, but even better for my use case would be an option “Link/Create list from this bucket” where clicking the bucket takes you to the same bucket in a different list. )

Maybe this should be a separate request, but I think the implementation of moving tasks and moving buckets is similar, so I’m adding it here.

I like that idea. Dragging into a collapsed bucket might be easier to implement but we also had a discussion somewhere about changing the bucket from the task detail view (that would allow collapsed buckets as well)

Thanks for the reply!

For moving task into a closed bucket, I think it’s just a case of:

  • Dotted border appears around a closed bucket when holding a task over it
  • Releasing the task moves it to the bottom/top of the bucket

I’m not sure how you handle moving individual tasks in the code, but moving buckets could be implemented in a similar way, eg.

  • create the new bucket
  • loop through the tasks in the current bucket, calling the moveTask function for each
  • delete the old bucket if empty

I can’t see the other discussion, but I’d personally prefer Drag&Drop over using the task detail view.
If I had to open the detail view to move it to a closed bucket, it’d still feel more natural for me to just open the collapsed bucket and collapse it again.

I posted a video example on the Matrix group the other day but I can’t attach it here.

I’ve just been playing with using the related tasks feature - would love to be able to add an entire bucket/list as subtasks with this!

This would allow for using one list to track all ideas and a list per project to expand on those ideas.


  • “App” is a task in “Ideas” list
  • “Roadmap” is a list with tasks about the app
  • “Roadmap” added as subtask of “App”
  • Tasks from “Roadmap” shown in “App” task details page

Pretty much, but it should happen in the api. It can be much more efficient there.

is there any reasonable way to move buckets to a different list using cli or editing the database? I have like 3 lists that need merging together

Currently there’s no way to do this. Feel free to start a new thread so that people can upvote it.