{"message":"missing, malformed, expired or otherwise invalid token provided"}


I have a Vikunja docker instance set-up to work with Authentik SSO. I use Traefik reverse proxy.
Everything seems to be working fine, but after a day or so I am getting:

An error occurred: Error while refreshing user info: Please check if the api url is correct.

and when I check with https://vikunja.mysite.io/api/v1 I am getting the error in the title:

{“message”:“missing, malformed, expired or otherwise invalid token provided”}

When I empty the cache or use incognito browser I can get the service work again.

Clearly there is a token caching issue.

Anyone seen this before or have a working setup with Authentik/Traefik?


This sounds like your token simply expired.

Did you set a jwt secret in your config and if not, did you restart Vikunja? Did you use Vikunja within the last 72h before getting the error message?

That will never work, because your browser does not send the api token by default.