Integrate Vikunja With SFMC


I am using Vikunja and I want to integrate it with Salesforce Marketing Cloud but don’t how to do that. However, I have searched over the Google and have gone through this Salesforce tutorial and as per this I have to be a technical guy to that since there’s no direct integration between Vikunja and SFMC. It can be done through Vikunja and Salesforce API. How to generate an API token? As per this document- Vikunja API documentation, token must be provided via an Authorization.

Can anyone guide me how can I do that?


You can generate a token in your user settings (top right) > API-Tokens. The token can then be used to communicate with the API as indicated in the docs.

If you need someone technical to guide you or build it, I’m available for consultating work on an hourly rate.

Curious, what do you want to do with that connection?

Wow, that’s great, how much do you charge for consultation.?

Depends a little on the type of project - somewhere between 100€ - 140€ per hour. If you send me an email to with more details on what you’re trying to achieve, I can send you a quote.