Feature Request: Admin Panel

Some kind of admin panel would be quite useful to have.
Something where you can manage all users that are logged into the Vikunja instance (manage the projects they are on, force password reset and that kind of stuff).
The same thing would be useful to manage all projects and these kinds of things.

This sounds like a relatively large goal, but for big teams this is essential (currently I’ve been managing a lot of things through the database directly which is far from ideal).


the admin panel has been discussed in various topics here already, for example here.

Short version: for small environments using the provided CLI should work, for bigger teams some external identity provider is probably the better way to go. Never say never, but the feedback so far was that there’ll not be an admin panel.

That’s fair. I’ll have to check out how the Vikunja groups integration works with Zotero. Thanks for the explanation!

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Now I’m curious - isn’t Zotero used to manage and organize citations and/or literature references? Is there another project with the same name?

Oh sorry, I meant Zitadel. Oops :smiley:

Ah that makes more sense :smiley: Thanks! I have never worked with Zitadel, as long as standard OIDC is available, it should be reasonably straight forward. The group sync requires some special claims though, this might be a bit more tricky depending on how flexible it is.

Admin Panel will come eventually, more details here: Vikunja as a business

Would love to hear your feedback!