How can I see all users through the API?

Hi, I’m venturing into installing Vikunja for the institution where I work. I installed it through Docker and now I’m working with the API. I checked the documentation and saw that there is a method called Get users, so I thought that by using it I could see all the users registered in the system. However, it always returns ‘None’. Is there any solution? Because I wanted to get the email of the person assigned to a task.

You can only use that endpoint to search for users by their username or by their email or partial name, but only if the user has enabled the last two in their settings, unless you’re searching for users within a project (that’s a different endpoint). We do this to prevent enumeration of all users on a server.
The email is never exposed through the api to prevent abuse.

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Hi @ByJediael,

this has been a confusion for me as well. The API is not designed for administrative purposes (what you’re probably looking at). It’s designed to expose all the information needed for the user generating the API token (and nothing more).

There is currently no concept of an “admin” in Vikunja - you can have a look at this thread for a more detailed discussion around this topic: How to create user accounts?

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Hi, it’s because I wanted to notify the person by email when a person is added to the task or the task changes stages.

"Hi, even without being an administrator, you can do many things. My goal was to get the collaborators who have been added to the task and send them an email, and also notify them every time it changes stages.

This should happen in Vikunja. When you assign a user, they will get a notification about it already. I’d happily accept a PR adding more notifications for other changed task details (I think there’s even already an item in the backlog for it).