Filter to show recently completed tasks

In my team, we have started using the saved filters to help us follow a meeting agenda. One of the first steps in our reviews is to discuss recently completed tasks and make sure everyone is happy they are fully completed and can be dropped.

Is it possible to set up a filter that will show only completed tasks from only the last, say, two weeks? By which I mean only show tasks that were moved to the Done bucket within the last two weeks, irrespective of any dates that might be attached to the task itself.

It doesn’t look like it can be done with those saveable filters, but perhaps someone has worked out a way?


This is possible with the new filter syntax, coming in 0.24.0, already available in unstable builds.

For your use case, a filter like doneAt > now/w-2w && done = true should do the trick (untested, but you get the gist).

Fantastic, and excellent timing. Thanks kolaente, keep up the good work :).