Export Error : no such column: project_id

Recently, I upgraded to the unstable version as I needed to import projects from Trello.
However, upon attempting to perform an export, I encountered the following error messages:

==> events.log <==
2024-04-04T16:46:46.108924467+02:00: ERROR :arrow_forward: [EVENTS] 19c4 Error occurred, retrying: no such column: project_id, elapsed_time=5.534030461s, retry_no=5, max_retries=5, wait_time=3.051158905s

==> standard.log <==
2024-04-04T16:46:46.111589336+02:00: ERROR :arrow_forward: events/func1 19ca Error while handling message 22e18c07-5fef-44fa-931e-0b7af3bd1b42, topic_poisoned=user.export.requested, handler_poisoned=user.export.requested.handle.user.data.export, subscriber_poisoned=gochannel.GoChannel, reason_poisoned=no such column: project_id, payload={“user”:{“id”:1,“name”:“”,“username”:“ehvox”,“created”:“2024-04-04T14:34:43Z”,“updated”:“2024-04-04T14:42:01Z”}}

Which exact version is that? (In the frontend, click on your avatar top right, then “About”)

Hey, sorry for the late answer, I was no longer in front of the machine.
Im on the Version: v0.23.0+438-f0d695e789 running on Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)

After examining it for a while, it seems that some columns in the database have been renamed from the v0.23.0 to the v0.23.0+438-f0d695e789 . Perhaps the export is attempting to reference ‘project_id’ while it has been renamed to ‘project_view_id’.

UPDATE: I manually added a ‘project_id’ column to the database in the ‘buckets’ table, and the export worked correctly. And I was able to reimport it afterward.

Did the reimport contain all data?

yes, it seems like it, the project is quite big and nothing seems to have changed.

This is now fixed in ce1d7778c7, please check with the next unstable build (should be ready for deployment in ~45min, also on try).

Thanks a lot for the fix! Best of luck with the rest of the development.