Config.yml Location - config Update?

Still new to docker, so may be dumb questions.
Have vikunja setup on docker desktop in windows. Everything is working as desired but after some testing of vikunja I want to import my todoist task.

Can I just add a config.yml with the migration settings I need? If so where do I put the file. Tried putting a file in the locations specified on Config options | Vikunja but the config file don’t seem to get picked up. No config file found, using default or config from environment variables

If I edit the docker-compose.yml and re-run the docker compose command will the new setting be picked up or will it delete my data?

Since you’re using docker compose it’s probably the easiest if you use the environment variables instead of a config file. The variables you need to specify are called “Environment path” in the document you linked.

You could also use a config file but you’d need to add a volume for it so that the Vikunja service running in the container picks it up properly.

Your data should be fine.

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