Best way to upgrade?

I have Vikunja installed through Docker on a Synology NAS. I originally deployed it as a Stack in Portainer. Is the best thing to do to use the “Update the Stack” option and tell it to re-pull the latest image? Will that update all containers? Also, what’s the best way to revert if the upgrade doesn’t go as planned? If I back up /var/lib/mysql and /app/vikunja/files, would restoring those effectively roll back the upgrade?

Vikunja is the only application I use that has multiple docker containers so I’m a little nervous about upgrading it, having never upgraded something with multiple containers before. Especially since my wife uses it so much and she might kill me if I break it haha.

It should be enough to pull the latest container images and restart the stack. I don’t know anything about how to do that in Portainer, but you’ll probably know more about that.

To roll back, you can pin the container to a previous version with the last version’s tag.

Well, as usual, make a backup before you do any kind of upgrade! No backup, no pity.

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Is there a way to do that in Portainer? I’m pretty new to Docker and this kind of thing, so I’ve never done that before and I couldn’t find anything with a quick google search, but I don’t know if I’m searching for the right thing. It’s not the easiest to do command line Docker stuff on the Synology NAS.

I don’t know anything about Portainer, but there is probably a way to specify the tag of the docker image. By default, that’s latest which will get you the last release. To use an older release you should be able to change that to the version number (like 0.19.0 for the last one).

Vikunja will do changes to the database when you update, so if you want to downgrade you should pin it to the older version and import your backup. Downgrading is not really guaranteed to work from the Vikunja side.