API token for notifications

Hi all,

While playing with Vikunja, the main thing that was missing for me, was a way to send notifications in another way than mail.

I wanted to create a script that checks a user’s notifications and then send a notification via my Gotify server.

I’m using OIDC authentication, so it’s not that easy (AFAIK) to authenticate in a scripted way. When looking around, I saw that API tokens are being added, currently already available in the unstable version.

This would be great for my use case! However, apparently the API token doesn’t allow someone to read his notifications.

Is there a specific reason to limit the API token to certain API routes?


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Should be fixed in b2866ca3da, please check the next unstable build.

Thanks for your fast response!

Could it be that it also needs to be enabled in the scope of the API token? There currently is no possibility to select that the API token is authorized to list the notifications and I think the default is deny all.

That’s correct, since there is no way to edit an existing api token, you’ll need to recreate it with the “notifications” scope selected.

I didn’t see the Notifications scope last time, but I restarted everything and now it appeared. So this seems to work! Thanks!