API for paid account on vikunja.cloud?

Hi team,

I have the account on vikunja.cloud (personal plan) and i got access via web, it’s ok.
But I’d like use API from my Postman (for exercises) and connect to my account on vikunja.cloud.
Is it possible? I cannot find any details, what is host there?
try.vikunja.io is another instance, there is no my account :frowning:


If you just want to play around with it, I think your best bet right now is to copy the token from local storage in your browser’s dev tools, after logging in to the frontend. There will be api tokens in the future that should make these things easier.

Try is a demo instance only, that’s reset every 24h.

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Thanks, but looks like my account is on vikunja.cloud instance, but it doesn’t present on try.vikunja.io site. So the token from browser doesn’t match to try.vikunja.io site API interface

Yes you need to take the token from the cloud instance. The try and cloud instances are completely separate from each other.

If you want to use try for testing things, you need to get the token from there.

I look for access to cloud instance via API.
e.g. POST via API and then watch a result via web browser

kolaente, thank you for your assistance!

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