Any plan to support authentication with local active directory?

I’m investigating whether we can deploy Vikunja in my workplace.

Obviously, something like SSO is desirable to reduce the number of passwords users have to keep track of. I see there are lots of options for oauth services.

Due to very strict security requirements, insufficient security accreditation (long story), and not-very-knowledgeable sysadmins (that’s me!) it is not easy for us to use external services, including for authentication. Where possible we like to use the local active directory domain for authentication, but as far as I have seen that isn’t supported. Any plans to support it?


This might come in the future as part of an “enterprise” offering, hopefully some time this year.

What you’re after might be different, but OIDC is supported currently. In essence, you can use an on-prem ID provider like Keycloak, Authentik, etc.