Windows user: can't save user settings

Hello, I just installed vikunja and most of it works as expected, but I can’t save any user settings (when using the frontend). I am simply using the latest exe build, and using the desktop frontend for windows.

I use the address “http://localhost:3456” in the frontend, which seems to work. But I can’t save user settings.

in the config file I keep trying different things, but nothing helps. Probably the only custom setting i have is:

frontendurl: “http://localhost

if i check the api address it says…

message “missing or malformed jwt”

Quick update, I did a docker install (docker desktop on windows) and it works this way. However, I am curious how to make the windows version work, as I like that option.

edit…actually this didn’t completely work either. I get a 405 error I don’t know how to deal with. I am going to try the same docker walkthrough but put it in a standalone ubuntu server rather than windows.

OK the docker walkthrough article on a fresh ubuntu install was the most painless one. Basically worked just like the instructions said. Still curious how to get windows working, but now it is solid.

Anything in the api logs?

I don’t think I was able to figure out how to get it to write to a log. But watching the screen, I didn’t see anything jump out. I suspect this is some kind of permissions thing or permissions syntax issue between windows and linux. I encounter this all the time regarding github projects that are cross platform. Often times, it has to do with how paths are written (the slashes, etc) UNC etc.