Why would repeating tasks stop?

Heya! Happy vik user here.

Just wondering why sometimes my repeating tasks would “stop”.
I have some daily tasks for example. From the list view I usually mark them “Done” (ticking the box). I am used to the task then coming back the following day. But sometimes it does not.

What would cause my repeating task to end?

Could it be tasks.org for Android f*cking this up?

A repeating task should never stop by itself, only when you remove the repeating interval. Do the tasks that “stop” have the interval still set?

Hey man, thanks for replying, and thanks again for Vikunja, really like it!

The repetiton is completely gone. As if the whole “property” has disappeared.

Thanks for the nice words!

Can you reproduce it? Or does it happen seemingly random?

I had 10+ repeating tasks, they all were marked done two days ago.
I did use tasks.org more heavily in the past days.

Seen as it took me quite some work to fix these missing tasks, I do not really feel like reproducing (trying the tasks-sync). I deleted the tasks app, will report back if it happens again.

Also please let me know what log/file/data I should look at should this happen again, thank you.

Interestingly, recurrence on ALL my tasks was deleted [fyi]