Variable to use for copy URL


I have Vikunja API and frontend running in separate dockers… Everything is working just fine but the “copy URL” for attachments in a task doesn’t include the domain name… For example, if I hit copy URL, I get “/api/v1/tasks/24/attachments/11”… which doesn’t work until I add the url before it manually…

I have the variable VIKUNJA_SERVICE_FRONTENDURL: set and still, the copy URL for attachments doesn’t include the domain name portion… any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

That’s a feature. The attachment URLs only work behind authentication through the frontend. The intended use for the URL is to paste it in a text to render it as an image - when rendering the text, it will figure that out automatically and display it as an image.

What’s your use case for the URL? Maybe we can go from t

Hey kolaente, thanks for getting back to me… It’s more or less to view the document in the browser rather than download it…

It would be cool to have the link open a new tab just to view in browser…