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I have set up Vikunja in a Docker container, as well as Typesense. Now, I would like to know how to verify that Vikunja is sending data to Typesense. Additionally, I’m curious about the frequency at which it should send data. Lastly, fuzzy search not working, but I can’t find any errors in the logs.

Did you configure it as per the docs? Config options | Vikunja

Once you set that up, you need to run vikunja index on the cli to index all tasks initially. It will then take care of everything else.


I’m running Vikunja and typesense on Unraid in docker containers.
My config:

enabled: true
url: “
apikey: “XXXXXXXXX”

You’re running the last release, but that does not yet contain the typsense integration. You’ll either have to wait for the next release or switch to the unstable build.

Switched frontend and api to unstable tag.

Get some errors in log
ERROR :arrow_forward: handler/ReadAllWeb 2d8 status: 404 response: {“message”: “Not found.”}
ERROR :arrow_forward: models/SyncUpdatedTasksIntoTypesense 2ee [Typesense Sync] No typesense sync stats yet, please run a full index via the CLI first

And internal server error popup in web interface after one GET request.

Ran vikunja index in CLI, cleared the browser cache and seems everything works fine now. Thank you!

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I was getting Internal server error message after enabling typesense, and running docker exec <name of the vikunja api container> /app/vikunja/vikunja index command helped and fuzzy search works perfectly.