Trying to add custom logo

Using docker, Vikunja version 0.22.1.
Trying to add a custom logo, but not able to find any information in the documentation. Only in the gitea repo. It seems like I can add custom URL with env, but doesn’t seem to work.
Added the env under frontend docker:

If you view the source of the deployed frontend, does it contain the window.CUSTOM_LOGO_URL with the correct value?

Make sure to clear all browser cache.

I’m currently troubleshooting the same thing on my install.

In my case:

  • window.CUSTOM_LOGO_URL is '' in browser console
  • src/components/home/Logo.vue has a CustomLogo line

I’m running vikunja/vikunja:0.23.0

I’ve verified that the VIKUNJA_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL variable is set and contains the expected value, tried restarting my Docker container and clearing browser cache.

I don’t have a config file at any of these locations:

  • service.rootpath (/app/vikunja/config.yml)
  • /etc/config.yml
  • ~/.config/vikunja/config.yml (/app/vikunja/.config/vikunja/config.yml)

I created one (based from this sample) in ~/config.vikunja/config.yml with the following content:

  customlogourl: ''

After a restart, the logs indicate it was read in:

config/InitConfig 001e[0m Using config file: /app/vikunja/.config/vikunja/config.yml

But no change in behaviour.

Any further troubleshooting tips from anyone who successfully used this feature?

PS I noticed that VIKUNJA_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL is not mentioned in Config options | Vikunja (not sure if that’s because it was removed at some point and that’s the cause of my problem, or just the docs page is outdated?)


Don’t understand why, but it looks like the config.yml was actually successful (must’ve been tricked by cache); but if I remove the config file and restart the value from my env is not picked up instead.

I’ve successfully got all of my other config just fine via env variables (e.g. database credentials, smtp etc.) so I can only guess that VIKUNJA_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL has a typo / is not the correct key?

Hi @damien,

the correct environment variable would be VIKUNJA_SERVICE_CUSTOMLOGOURL as described in the docs.

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:person_facepalming: don’t know how I missed that! Thanks

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