Task list from 0.21.0 -> 0.23.0


I’m migrating from 0.21.0 to 0.23.0

I noticed that now we have a ‘task list’ feature.

However, the previous task list that we created by hands as: - [ ] text do now show anymore as task list

Is there a way to ‘migrate them’ ok render them correctly?

I’m attaching the screenshots of both versions to make it clear



I think this has been fixed already, but I’m not sure. Can you check if it works if you upgrade to an unstable build? (Make a backup first, downgrading is not supported)

Tested at 9260b3f1d3f61cc04d3d0c2c39402554597be0c0 and it does not work for me.

Okay, will take a look.

Did you have a chance to look into it? Can I help further?

I’m asking to understand if I can plan a migration to the new version in the near future or not. Thanks in advance.

It looks like there was one migration which didn’t work. If all goes as planned, this will be fixed in the next stable release.


Do you mean something like 0.23.x or 0.24.x ?

Also, can you point out the commit that fixes the issue? I maybe get a snapshot and make a test on it.


There isn’t a commit yet which fixes the issue, but vikunja/20231022144641.go at main - vikunja - Gitea is the migration which was not run properly.